Simple Fax To Email for Australian Business

Does your business need to receive faxes?.

Fax To Email or as its sometimes known Fax2Email or Fax 2 Email are a virtual telecommunication product which every business should have.

We can make your experience with Faxing and Fax To Email simple!

For more information regarding 1300 numbers and 1800 numbers please look through out website more.

Simple Telecom does more than just Fax To Email, we have a range of products which are built specifically for home, small and medium business. 1300 Numbers and 1800 Numbers Answering Services Australia are by far the most exciting products. These can revolutionise how your business operates and streamline operations in your office, not to mention the cost and envrionmental savings by reducing the paper consumption of that fax machine.

Digital Fax machines or Fax To Email is a recent innovation in the telecommunications industry. It is the service where you receive all of your faxes on a dedicated Fax To Email phone number - which is hosted by our company. All the faxes received are converted to PDF documents, emailed and then stored securely for you to retrieve.

Simple Faxing provides Fax To Email services to home, small and medium business throughout Australia. Let us show you how our fax to email services can save you time and money and help reduce your carbon footprint.

You can read and store all your faxed documents as PDF files, allowing you to choose what's important enought to print saving paper, ink and time.


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